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 The Barangay Leaders of Lagro

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The Barangay Leaders of Lagro Empty
PostSubject: The Barangay Leaders of Lagro   The Barangay Leaders of Lagro Icon_minitimeMon Aug 24, 2009 12:05 pm

This might be helpful. It was taken from Lagro Commune (

Greater Lagro Elects New Barangay Leaders
The recently concluded barangay elections produced a new set of barangay leaders for Greater Lagro led by Barangay Chairman-elect Atty. Renato U. Galimba. After three (3) previous defeats in Greater Lagro's barangay elections, Atty. Galimba prevailed over his arch opponent Mr. Manuel C. Tolentino who has served as Barangay Chairman for 10 years.

The newly elected Councilmen of Greater Lagro are Dr. Abelard Langcay (incumbent, last termer), Leo B. Garra (incumbent, sencond termer), Elias Dayandante (neophyte), Benjamin Pangilinan (neophyte), James Manzano (incumbent, last termer), the son of of the outgoing Chairman - Jan Edward Tolentino (neophyte), and Arnold M. Sobremisana (incumbent, last termer).

The SK Chair-elect is Ms. Aura Lee Sobremisana, niece of Kgd. Sobremisana.

Lagro residents have high expectations in the new leadership most especially in the area of peace and order in the light of high reports of snatchings and hold-ups within the barangay.

There is apprehension however on the effective administration of Atty Galimba since half of the Councilpersons belong to Tolentino's camp and another two (2) are known to be principled young men who will sway to their side the youngest Council member and perhaps, the younger Tolentino on a matter of principle. These two Councilmen are also known for their intolerance of dictatorial and unilateral decision-making.

Atty Galimba's administration will be a success if he exercises transparency especially in the processes of disbursement of barangay funds which is roughly PhP 8,000,000.00 a year; and constant consultation with residents in a formal forum.

The new set of Council members should, for their part, set aside their alignments during the divisive elections and act on what is best for the residents of Greater Lagro and the barangay as a whole.

Only through unity can we move forward as a developed and respectable community.

To all, congratulations!
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The Barangay Leaders of Lagro
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