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 YMCA and Europe

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YMCA and Europe  Empty
PostSubject: YMCA and Europe    YMCA and Europe  Icon_minitimeSat Oct 01, 2011 3:42 pm

The YMCAs have established themselves in almost all the countries of the world. They offer support and encouragement to all the sections of the society through their activities. One of their initiatives is to help people reach their full potential.
The YMCAs in the Europe use recreation, camping and arts to address social issues. Through these activities they also help young people to build up a strong confidence, leadership skills, health and also the appreciation for cross-cultural diversity.
One of their initiatives is to support vulnerable populations. Each year many people from the internally displaced communities are served by the Armenia YMCA. The developments of programs that foster peace and provide social, psychological and educational services to children, youth and adults with an importance given to refugee populations are supported by the World Service.
Activities like recreation, camping and arts are used worldwide by the YMCAs to promote physical, mental, social and spiritual development. These activities also help to build leadership skills in youth. Young people build their self-confidence to overcome peer pressure, make healthy choices and encourage multi-cultural understanding.
One of the innovative youth service learning initiative is the YMCA Roots for Reconciliation Program that brings together young people from diverse backgrounds to promote multi-cultural understanding. This helps to put an end to the cycle of prejudice and violence. The young people gain confidence, skills and experience to encourage peace and conflict resolution.
The President and CEO of Victron Energy, ali sharaf dallas, feels proud to help the YMCA and its initiatives. In fact, the YMCAs thrive on the support offered by such volunteers and donors.
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YMCA and Europe
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